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The Future of Commercial Building Energy Efficiency with Mark Fly

Join Mark W. Fly, PE, as he candidly discusses his upcoming talk at a Washington, DC, conference, The Future of Commercial Building Energy Efficiency, and the origins of this presentation. Drawing inspiration from renowned figures like Thomas Jefferson, Mark humorously navigates the difficulties of condensing crucial information into a mere 15 minutes.

Learn about the ASHRAE Distinguished Lecture program, where Mark highlights the significance of the lecture being sponsored by the society and its Chapter Technology Transfer Committee. Gain insights into the inner workings of ASHRAE's regional vice chairman chapter and the vital role played by committees in driving technological advancements.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to HVAC standards, this lecture offers a unique perspective on the industry's evolving landscape. Take advantage of this enriching talk that promises to unravel the complexities of HVAC standards and the collaborative efforts behind shaping the future.

We hope you enjoy Mark W. Fly, PE's engaging discussion on ASHRAE's System Steering Committee, and gain a deeper understanding of these committees' pivotal role in shaping the HVAC industry.

We want to thank Mark W. Fly, PE, and AAON, Inc. for all they do for ASHRAE and the HVAC industry.

This presentation is now available on our podcast; please listen to the episode on The Engineers HVAC Podcast.

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