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Summer Break: An Optimal Time for School HVAC and IAQ System Upgrades

Indoor Air Quality with Hobbs & Associates

With the academic year coming to a close, Hobbs & Associates, Inc. emphasizes the critical need to enhance indoor air quality (IAQ) within educational facilities. The summer break provides an ideal window to upgrade IAQ systems comprehensively, without interrupting the daily learning process.

Here's why schools should consider updating their IAQ equipment during the summer months:

  • Zero Disruptions: Implementing upgrades to HVAC systems and new air quality equipment during the summer ensures no interruption to classroom activities and school operations.

  • Preparedness for the Upcoming Academic Year: Upgrading to advanced ventilation and air filtration systems is essential to protect against airborne illnesses, creating a safer and healthier environment for students and staff upon their return.

  • Enhanced HVAC Efficiency: Introducing high-efficiency components, such as MERV-13 filters, reduces energy costs and elevates air quality across campus facilities.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance: The downtime during school holidays is optimal for conducting extensive maintenance, inspections, and repairs on HVAC systems, ensuring peak performance.

  • Optimal Learning Environments: Improved IAQ significantly lowers health-related absenteeism and enhances the educational setting, contributing directly to better student academic outcomes.

  • Effective Heat Management: Performing renovations that generate dust and fumes or require system downtime is more practical when buildings are less occupied, avoiding significant heat accumulation.

  • Ample Time for Implementation: The extended break provides sufficient time to manage intricate IAQ projects, allowing for meticulous installation, testing, and commissioning of systems.

Strategically scheduling IAQ improvements during the summer reduces operational disruptions and sets the stage for a healthier, more conducive learning environment for the upcoming school year.

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Jun 08

As an HVAC Contractor, Hobbs & Associates emphasizes the importance of upgrading indoor air quality (IAQ) systems during the summer break. By implementing upgrades to HVAC systems and new air quality equipment, schools can ensure a healthier learning environment and reduced energy costs.

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