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Introducing Air Control Concepts – a Company Committed to Supporting HVAC Solutions Providers

Air Control Concepts AIR

Norfolk, Virginia – May 22, 2024 — Air Control Concepts (“AIR”), formerly known as Hobbs & Associates, Inc., today announced the public launch of its corporate brand. Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, AIR is a company that works closely with and fosters best practices across leading commercial HVAC solutions providers. AIR is committed to collaborating with its operating companies and helping them deliver the very best HVAC products and services to their customers, while also shaping a sustainable future for the HVAC industry. 

"Our mission – partnering with HVAC solutions providers focused on excellence, innovation, and collaboration – in tandem with our commitment to preserving the cultures and values of each of our operating companies has been fundamental to the growth and success of the providers we support," stated Brad Hobbs, Founder, and CEO of AIR. "Through collaboration, cultural preservation, and brand enhancement, we are focused on ensuring that each of our operating companies flourish under our collective partnership network and best meet their customers’ needs."

AIR’s operating companies employ more than 900 individuals, including 150 skilled technicians, across 43 offices in 17 states, underscoring their broad reach and depth of expertise in the commercial HVAC industry. These operating companies represent top-tier HVAC equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring high-quality solutions for all their customers. AIR’s HVAC solutions providers include those operating under the following brand names: Hobbs & Associates, Inc., Insight Partners, Engineered Building Systems (EBS), Etairos HVAC, Klima New Jersey LLC., Klima New York, LLC, Energy Transfer Solutions, LLC (ETS), TKO: The Kirkman Oliver Company (TKO), Bay Associates Group, Inc., Jobe Industrial Measurement & Control, C.G. Wood Company, LLC, and Advanced Thermal Solutions, LLC. The Hobbs & Associates-branded offices will continue to use the Hobbs & Associates, Inc. brand name.

Visit Air Control Concepts for additional information and partnership opportunities. 

AIR Press Release
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