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HVAC Breaking News: A2L Shipping Requirements Update

A2L Refrigerant Updates


The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has not yet established regulations for transporting HVAC equipment with A2L refrigerants. However, collaborative efforts between the HVAC industry and USDOT have created special permits for shipping A2L refrigerants. These permits are crucial as A2L refrigerants would be subject to more stringent hazmat requirements without them.

Special Permits

Two permits are issued based on the total refrigerant charge in the unit. The permits must list each manufacturing plant responsible for shipping units with refrigerant.

Permit Accessibility

Permits can be placed inside the unit but must remain accessible to the driver without unloading the unit from the truck. This becomes particularly important when multiple units are stacked on a truck.

Permit Specifics

DOT regulations prohibit including a special permit with a shipment where the special permit isn’t applicable. Therefore, the correct permit must accompany each unit.


  • Units with less than 44 pounds of refrigerant.

  • Complete exemption from hazmat regulations.

  • Placards on the truck/trailer are not required.

  • No air or water transport.

  • Incidents with gas release must be reported to USDOT.


  • Units with 44 – 5,000 pounds of refrigerant.

  • Not a complete exemption from hazmat regulations.

  • Placards on the truck/trailer are not required.

  • Label must be on at least two sides of the unit.

  • One label must be visible without unloading the unit.

  • Must be transported on an open flatbed trailer, rail car, or a well-ventilated closed transport vehicle.

  • No air or water transport.

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