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Hobbs & Associates Now Represents Mojave

Mojave HVAC

Hobbs & Associates, Inc. is thrilled to announce our partnership with Mojave Energy Systems, Inc. in Maryland, DC, and Virginia!

Mojave's patented technology cools and dehumidifies the air, enabling independent control of an application’s dry bulb temperature and dew point. Mojave's ArctiDry product focuses on high efficiency dehumidification and reduction of refrigerant use, while improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for commercial buildings. Mojave is an ideal solution for any DOAS or similar application ranging from 40-55°F dew point.

If you are looking for a DOAS for a school, hotel, multi-family dwelling, office, or other building you will find nothing more efficient. If you need to deliver air down to a 40°F dew point for an operating room, grocery, or industrial process the Mojave ArctiDry delivers it at the lowest cost you will find.

Contact your Hobbs & Associates, Inc. Account Executive today and discover how Mojave Energy Systems, Inc. is changing the nature of air conditioning.

Find out all about Mojave Energy Systems, Inc. here:

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