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Five Must-Haves for Make Up Air Units

Five Tips for Specifying MAUs

In HVAC engineering, specifying the right makeup air unit (MAU) is key to creating efficient, comfortable indoor environments.

An MAU replaces air removed by exhaust systems with fresh, conditioned air, maintaining indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

Here are five essential tips for specifying MAUs:

  1. Compressor Modulation: Modulating compressors control cooling and dehumidification, allowing flexible adjustment to meet varied demands. This avoids overcooling on milder days, enhancing comfort and efficiency.

  2. Hot Gas Reheat for Humidity Control: Opt for modulating hot gas reheat options to prevent overcooling during dehumidification. This ensures air is reheated to a comfortable temperature, maintaining comfort without sacrificing humidity control.

  3. Condenser Fan Control: Modulating fan speeds improves MAU efficiency, longevity, and noise levels. Variable-speed fans allow for better head pressure control and smoother operation.

  4. Modulating Heat: Modifying heating options ensures the MAU can provide just the right amount of heat, avoiding temperature swings and boosting comfort—modulating gas heat and SCR-modulating electric heat offer precise, efficient heating.

  5. Cabinet Size Optimization: Working with manufacturers to select an MAU that closely matches project needs can lead to cost and efficiency gains. The most cost-effective units often come in the largest tonnage available for a given cabinet size.

Specifying MAUs involves balancing performance, efficiency, and comfort. Engineers can design cost-effective and energy-efficient systems by focusing on modulation for both cooling and heating, ensuring efficient reheat capabilities, optimizing fan and heat control, and choosing the right cabinet size. 

Based on industry experience and a deep understanding of MAU operation, these tips guide specifying systems that deliver comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

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