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Celebrating Future Tradesmen: Hobbs & Associates Welcomes New Talent from Hanover County Public Schools

Jason Ramey HVAC Service Technician Apprentice

Last week, Jason Ramey, Operations Manager from Hobbs & Associates, Inc. Richmond office, celebrated the recent graduates of Hanover County Public Schools with a memorable Signing Day for the Tradesmen course. We proudly welcome Dawson Schultz to our Richmond team after his graduation from Atlee High School and The Hanover Center For Trades & Technology.

Jason Ramey HVAC Service Technician Apprentice

The event was enthusiastic as over 20 students from each trade completed their courses, surrounded by their supportive families. Dawson will begin his journey as a full-time HVAC Service Technician apprentice at Hobbs & Associates' Richmond branch on Monday, June 3rd, 2024. He will also continue his Apprenticeship Schooling at the ABC Program, which we proudly partner with, gaining hands-on experience and learning from our skilled technicians.

Jason Ramey, HVAC Service Technician Apprentice - Richmond, VA
Jason Ramey, HVAC Service Technician Apprentice - Richmond, VA

Hobbs & Associates has been an integral part of the Hanover program for over four years. This marks the second year that Jason Ramey has attended the signing day, further solidifying our commitment to nurturing young talent.

Jason Ramey shared his thoughts on the program: "The Hanover trades program is incredible in providing specific training in the HVAC field for high school graduates. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to launch their careers successfully. We are honored to be a part of this journey and to support these talented individuals as they embark on their professional paths."

Michael Morris, Vice President of Field Operations, also added: "Our relationship with the Hanover CTE program is paramount to the present and future of our business. This relationship goes back many years; multiple current Hobbs employees have come through this program. The opportunity that Hanover County Public Schools provides these students in their junior/senior years allows them to be prepared for a non-college path post-grad and experience a career in a trade, especially today when the need for that workforce greatly outweighs the applicants. We are excited to have Dawson as another in a line of great apprentices this program has partnered with us on."

Hanover County Public Schools Tradesmen

Join us in congratulating Dawson and all the graduates on their remarkable achievements! 

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