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The Engineering HVAC Podcast is a hub for HVAC mechanical engineers, contractors, and service technicians seeking education on cutting-edge HVAC application and design concepts. Our mission is to educate and empower the HVAC community, and we're thrilled to utilize this accessible platform to contribute, impart our professional insights, and support ongoing education efforts.
Our podcast is accessible on all major platforms!

"I have been in our trade for the past 44 years and 39 as an instructor. I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed watching your U tube videos and sitting down to watch your part one and two psychometrics. I always enjoy watching other instructors teach as I always pick up various methods to pass on to my students. You are doing an excellent job and plan to tell my students to check you out. Thank you for your time."

Robert Burgess, RPA, CEM, CEA, LEED-AP

Senior Chief Engineer

Cushman University

"Thank you, Insight Partners, for providing podcasts on HVAC issues and technologies from a thoughtful perspective. You always bring experts who break the topic into understandable terms and leave listeners learning something new. Keep up the great work!"

John L. Majernik, EI, PEM, CEM Director

Energy, Sustainability & Transportation

Wake Technical Community College

"I appreciate you bringing a voice to the HVAC community online and on air. It’s something that has been lacking."

Jeff Twiest, PE
Engineering - Mechanical

"Hey Tony, thanks for accepting my invite to connect. I really admire what you're doing with the podcast and YouTube channel. It inspired me to do my own thing and use YouTube to help teach and sell."

Jay Torres 

Sales Engineer at Pacific Systems Group

"Tony, I Love the podcast and overall content you put out."

Regional Facility Manager/ Technical Project Manager

Timothy J Bruton Jr.

"Hi Tony, thanks for putting together the

Engineers HVAC Podcast. I was looking for information on HVAC sales engineers to understand the market better and found the episode very helpful."

Patrick Pease, PE

Associate Principal, LEED AP BD+C

“Just finished watching your part one. I like the use of your demonstrations with humidity and using a scale to look at the weight. I also liked the way you used the white board and built the chart up. You come across as very natural and that helps the student relax.  Keep up the great work!!”

Robert Burgess, RPA, CEM, CEA, LEED-AP

Senior Chief Engineer

Cushman University

"Hey, first off, thank you for your podcast, which I listen to when I work. I work full time and do school full time in hopes to become a technician to engineer! Your content is very helpful to me!"

William Staples Jr, 1st

Commissioning Intern

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